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Small Business

Small businesses have just as much to gain or lose as opposed to large corporations when utilizing the platform of integrated chatbots and interactive artificial intelligence. How this works is by placing ads on certain platforms that are utilized by your desired clients. Then the next task is to define your standing in the advertising space but in a way that creates interest and guides them to accept your advertising as beneficial and something that shouldn't be passed up causing them to take action. Taking action is the first step in any sort of endeavor, whether it's you or your prospects.

What we do for small businesses is all around the same as what we do for the largest corporations. The difference is when looking at your specific needs depending on what you offer and seek to gain from a customer changes how we will work for you. The varying types of tools and processes are practically limited to your imagination, however that being the potential, we stay well within the boundaries of simplicity and targeting for a specific purpose.

Chatbots are programs that can help your business conduct simple tasks like setting appointments, capturing clients' information, without having them accept cookies, and sneakily obtaining sensitive information. When getting information in any way that isn't directly provided by the visitor or prospect, you risk losing trust and credibility from the start, lowing your overall success rate.


Yes, there are ways to avoid losing trust in turn gaining it from the start of a website visit. This involves customer direct interaction ( and this doesn't mean clicking "accept cookies") and gives them a sense of expectation when they willingly give information, whether it's to receive a discount, set an appointment, or even sign up for a mailing list. The expectation is that when they give, they get, no matter what. It's understandable that when a person is giving personal information, the place where they give it out will most likely be using it. This means they show trust and would rather give the information than keep it to themselves, they would rather receive whatever it is you have to offer them rather than hold the info. What this really means is that the people are actually becoming qualified through the interaction process of screening questions and creating client discovery organically after they get to your page. This makes for the best types of customers to deal with, as they are again in expectation of something and also slowly become more acclimated to you and your company. 

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